Why Your Guests Love This App: The Tool That Every Apartment Resident Should Have Right Now

Why Your Guests Love This App:   The Tool That Every Apartment Resident Should Have Right Now

The Problem With Buzzer Systems

Having a home should and hosting guests should be simple.

Unfortunately, most apartments these days usually require guests to be buzzed in. This typically involves dialing the resident's phone through the apartment buzzer, also called a callbox, using a directory code that's linked to the resident's apartment. This then prompts the resident to answer the call to allow access for their building door. Sounds simple, but can be a big inconvenience for both the guest and the resident.

The Problem For Guests

Guests rely on their friend living in the apartment to answer the call and unlock the building door. Needless to say, sometimes your friend isn't always available at every given moment to answer the call.

The Problem For Residents

For residents, it can be annoying to answer calls all the time to buzz people in. Keeping your phone by your side 24/7, especially when you're hosting a get-together with multiple people coming over at different times, can often be a challenge.

The Solution

An app called Lowkey is the best solution for your guests and for yourself.

Guests love this app because they no longer are left standing outside waiting for the resident to answer their phone to buzz them in. This is bcause residents can grant guests immediate access to their building, either by configuring the app to automatically buzzing in guests for a specified time or by creating access codes that guests can use to input into the buzzer to enter the building. Because Lowkey answers the buzzer for you, this means no more missed calls because there's no calls made to your phone.

Watch Lowkey's app explainer video to see how it works:

The Features

With Lowkey, you can personalize your settings to allow access for whoever and whenever you want. You can set timed access for any occasion, such as a dinner party, or simply have a timer for when you are expecting guests. People who dial your directory number can gain access to the front door without having to call you. This not only saves you time and energy, but it also ensures that your guests will have a smooth and seamless experience entering your apartment complex.

Access Codes

The app also allows you to set up personal access codes that can be changed for your friends, family, or close ones. You can also schedule time and weekly access for routines such as dog walkers, house cleaners, and more. This means that your guests won't have to call you every time they need access, and they can simply use the passcode you have provided them with.

Share Control With Roommates

Another great feature of Lowkey is the ability to share app access with your roommates. Depending on the subscription plan you choose, all roommates can use the app for their own personal use and have the apartment complex use one phone number linked to the callbox. All roommates will be notified when someone is granted or denied access, and they will have a complete history of who was granted or denied access based on the settings that were turned on during the time the callbox was used.

Food Deliveries

Finally, Lowkey is perfect for food and package deliveries. You can set an access code and let your delivery service know that they can use the directory code with the access code to deliver their items at the front door of your apartment unit. This saves you time and energy, as you won't have to run down to the front door every time a delivery arrives.

Why Lowkey?

Guests love the Lowkey app because it offers a convenient and seamless way to enter your apartment complex. The ability to set timed access, personal passcodes, and share app access with roommates will make their experience entering your complex effortless and enjoyable.

So why wait? Upgrade your callbox access control with Lowkey today!

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Jamie Larson