How To Have Scheduled Access For Your Apartment Buzzer: Creating a Routine

As an apartment renter with a callbox, you may find yourself constantly having to give access codes to dog walkers, house cleaners, or delivery services. It can be a hassle to always be available to grant access, and even more so if you forget to provide the access code when needed. With Lowkey, you can simplify the process by using the Routine feature.

The Lowkey Routine feature allows residents to schedule access for a specific person or service that can be set up once and reused every week. This way you never have to worry about giving out access codes again.

Follow these simple steps to set up a Routine on Lowkey:

  1. Open the Lowkey app and log in to your account.
  2. Tap on the + tab and select "Create Routine."
  3. Enter the name of the person or service that requires access. For example, "House Cleaner" or "Dog Walker."
  4. Set the time and days of the week that access is needed. You can set a duration then set it for specific days of the week, weekdays, daily, or weekends.
  5. Tap "Create" to save the Routine.
  6. Tap your created Routine to turn on

Once you have set up a Routine, the person or service will have access to the building's callbox at the scheduled time without having to dial your phone. You can also view the activity history to see when the Routine was used and by whom.

In conclusion, creating a Routine with Lowkey makes it easy to control access to your apartment building's callbox. It saves you time, eliminates the need to constantly give access codes, and makes your life as a renter more convenient. Try it today and simplify your access control. Download now to start scheduling access!

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Jamie Larson