Lowkey: The Game-Changing App for AirBnB Hosts Managing Apartment Buzzers

Lowkey: The Game-Changing App for AirBnB Hosts Managing Apartment Buzzers

The Problem With Self Check-In At Apartments or Condos

AirBnB hosts often have difficulties with self check-in for guests when renting out units within an apartment or condo building. This is because access to this building requires access to the buzzer system which often presents security issues as buzzer systems either do not allow easily changing personalized access codes/PINs or simply do not have this capability.

AirBnB hosts can easily solve this issue with Lowkey, a mobile application that allows users to easily grant guest access to a building's buzzer system. With Lowkey, AirBnB hosts can set up timed buzzer access for guests or share personalized access codes for self check-in.

Using Lowkey For Self Check-in

With Lowkey, I can create an access code for my guests when I receive a new reservation. Once they arrive at the property, they can simply enter the access code after calling the directory code on the buzzer to be buzzed in and I am immediately notified.

No More Answering Buzzer Calls

Personal phone numbers are often linked to the directory code for a building, which means having to answer calls to buzz in guests. Having to answer a call every time a guest needs access to a bulding can become frustrating and overwhelming, especially for AirBnB hosts with multiple properties.

With the Lowkey app, the access codes can be used by AirBnB guests and allow building entry for themselves and their guests. Because guests enter an access code to gain access to the building, the buzzer system no longer needs to dial the host's personal phone which means no more answering buzzer phone calls.

Control Security

Lowkey enables browsing an activity history log which allows hosts to see the time a particular access code was used to enter their building. Additionally, when incorrect or previously disabled access codes are used to attempt to gain access to a building the host is notified immediately. This is especially useful for hosts encountering issues with building security or attempted break-ins from previous guests.


Simplify AirBnB guest self check-in for apartment and condo buildings. With Lowkey, hosts can grant access codes to securely gain access to any buzzer system. This enables self check-in for guests without having to answer buzzer calls.

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Jamie Larson