How You Can View Who Was Buzzed In To Your Apartment With Lowkey

How You Can View Who Was Buzzed In To Your Apartment With Lowkey

What is Lowkey?

Lowkey is a mobile application that allows users to control access to their apartment callbox with ease.

The app allows users to grant access to guests, delivery services, dog walkers, and more, on their own schedule. Residents can set timed access for any occasion and create personal passcodes that can be changed or removed as needed.

With its convenience and security features, Lowkey is the perfect solution for apartment renters who want to have complete control over their callbox access.

Benefits of Viewing Activity History

The activity history feature on Lowkey's app provides users with a valuable tool for managing access to their apartment callbox. With the ability to see a record of who was granted or denied access, users can have peace of mind knowing who has been able to enter their building.

The activity history helps users keep track of who is coming and going from their building, which can be helpful for security and accountability purposes. Whether it's keeping track of food and package deliveries, dog walkers, house cleaners, or any other regular access, the activity history is an essential tool that users can rely on to maintain control over who has access to their building. This feature, combined with the app's ability to set timers, create passcodes, and notify roommates of access, makes Lowkey's app an ideal solution for apartment renters looking to conveniently control access to their callbox.

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Jamie Larson