What Your Guest's Experience Using Your Apartment Buzzer is Like With This Revolutionary App

How Buzzer Systems Work

Most apartments these days require tenants to set up an apartment buzzer that's linked to their unit so they can allow their guests to come through the building door. This then connects the tenant's phone number to their directory entry on their buzzer system. When guests dial the tenant in the buzzer's directory, it calls the tenant's phone number. They can then answer the call and press a number to buzz in the guest.

The Experience

For the guest that uses the apartment buzzer, it can be a bit annoying at times. As a friend or family member, it's usually easy for guests to contact the tenant personally to let them know that they're pulling up to the building—so it's easy for the tenant to be prepared to answer the call when their buzzer is dialed to them. However, if a tenant is hosting a get-together, where multiple people come in at all different times, it can be an inconvenience for both the host and the guest because the host has to keep their phone by their sides at all times. Most of the times, calls can be missed and prompts the guest to be waiting outside the building and dialing until the host finally answers the call.

For services, like delivery drivers, nannies, dog walkers, tenants aren't always available to pick up the call to allow them in. Whether they're out or working from home, answering the call isn't the easiest to do. Yet, they want their deliveries or service providers to come up to them. This leaves the guest either waiting for a longer time than they expected, and even their food or package deliveries to be left outside the apartment building.

The Solution

Enter Lowkey, a mobile app that allows automated access that is customizable and curated for your lifestyle. It allows users to control access to their apartment callbox with ease. The app allows users to personalize their settings to grant access to guests, delivery services, dog walkers, and more, on their own schedule. They can set timed access for any occasion and create personal passcodes that can be changed or removed as needed. The app also enables multiple tenants to share access to the callbox, making it easy for everyone to control who enters the building and when. Lowkey also provides a detailed activity history and the ability to receive notifications when someone is granted or denied access to the building. With its convenience and security features, Lowkey is the perfect solution for apartment renters who want to have complete control over their callbox access.

How Lowkey Interfaces With Your Buzzer

Lowkey interfaces securely with your existing buzzer system by changing the number your buzzer dials.

When you sign up for Lowkey, you will receive a new virtual phone number. Your building manager will then update the buzzer to dial this virtual number rather than your personal phone. Once the virtual number has been connected to your buzzer system you will be able to use Lowkey to control your buzzer.

The Experience

For your guests, it can be incredibly relieving when they have immediate access to your building door. When a timer is on, guests that dial your buzzer will have automated access to your building. At the same time, as a tenant, you won't be bothered by any calls. This is great for every guest you're expecting, including delivery drivers. That way, you can have your packages or food deliveries immediately sent up to your front door while they don't have to wait for you to answer.

As for passcodes, it's a great feeling for your friends to have a personal passcode given to them. When they dial the buzzer, it prompts the guest to enter the passcode on the buzzer. Once accepted, they also get immediate access to the building. Again, without bothering the tenant with calls. Watch Lowkey's app explainer video to see how both guests and tenants experience the apartment buzzer and the app:


While it is convenient for you as a tenant to use Lowkey, it's also convenient for your guests as well. Guests love this app as much as tenants do because of the automated access. No more waiting for them and no more calls for you. So download the Lowkey app now to start customizing how you want to automate access for anyone, anytime, and from anywhere.

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Jamie Larson