How Apartment Renters Are Automating Building Access For Their Guests

What is an apartment buzzer?

An apartment buzzer, also known as an intercom system or callbox, is a device used to control access to a building. When a visitor arrives at the building, they press the button corresponding to the desired apartment on the outside panel. For older intercom systems, this sends a signal to the apartment's intercom and allows the resident to hear the visitor and speak to them through a built-in speaker and microphone.

Nowadays, most apartment buildings have buzzers and callboxes that requires guests to enter a directory number linked to the apartment unity. The signal is sent to the connecting resident's phone number and calls them, which the resident can press a corresponding number to either allow or deny access. The resident can then press a button to release the building's front door, allowing the visitor to enter. This is an effective way to open your building door to yout guests, but sometimes answering calls can be a bit annoying...until Lowkey.

What is Lowkey?

Lowkey is a mobile application that enables users to personalize and control their apartment callbox access. Users can set up timed access for specific events or guests, create personal passcodes for friends and family, schedule access for routine services such as dog walkers, and share the app access with roommates.

The app aims to provide convenience and security for apartment renters with callboxes by allowing them to easily manage access to their building. Check out the app explainer video:

How does Lowkey work with your apartment buzzer?

Similar to how your apartment buzzer or callbox calls directly to your phone once someone uses your directory code on your buzzer, Lowkey receives the call instead of you. After downloading the app and signing up, you'll be given a virtual phone number to replace the current phone number that's linked to your directory code.

Once your account is set up and your virtual number is integrated with your building's buzzer system, the resident can now automatically buzz in guests via the Lowkey app – all without having to ring your phone. These calls are forwarded to the virtual number that Lowkey grants or denies access based on your customizations to give automated access.

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Jamie Larson